Zach Gibb is a Software Engineer

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This week we’re joined by Zach Gibb, a Software Engineer at Hoard, for a conversation about how he transformed from having no interest in computers to using them every day to creatively solve problems.

While we certainly learn a lot about what programming is, and how someone might get started building websites, we also talk about other communication skills that make someone great at working with others.

Show Notes

  • What did Zach do to get started?
  • How do you even build a website?
  • Imposter Syndrome: a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a "fraud"
  • Getting past your fear by breaking down big problems into small ones
  • Personality traits that might help you with software engineering
  • Overcoming anxiety and how it relates to writing software


Interested in learning to code?

  • Steve's a big fan of this one: Rails Tutorial — but seriously, if you finish it, you'll know how to code.
  • It's easy when you Learn Code the Hard Way
  • There's lots of great courses on Udemy, but make sure you look for sales!
  • Please also feel free to get in touch with us... happy to help you get on the right path!

Big thanks to NGHTSWM for the use of their song, Fiji, on this show.