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Tino Chow is a Problem Solver

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This week we join Tino Chow, founder of Giant Shoulders — a design agency that delivers impact at the intersection of innovation and design — for a conversation about design, brand, solving hard problems, and the importance of embracing failure. Tino is a designer, entrepreneur, problem solver, speaker, and former TED fellow. We discuss his journey from a teenage military officer in Singapore, to a sought after design consultant, and everything that's happened in between.

Topics include design as method of problem solving, building brands, growing businesses, crafting communities, and focusing all of your successes and failures to make something awesome.

Show Notes

  • Design as a method of problem solving
  • Design as a system, not a deliverable
  • Being an 18 year old Singaporean officer
  • Minimum viable brand
  • Freelance as the future of work
  • Failure by design and mining failure for lessons
  • When design permeates the way you see and experience everything


  • Follow Tino on his Instagram and visit his website
  • Follow Giant Shoulders on Instagram and visit their website
  • See Tino's TED talks on YouTube
  • Check out Failure x Design to benefit from others honest mistakes and lessons (Giant Shoulders on Instagram for updates)

Big thanks to NGHTSWM for the use of their song, Fiji, on this show.