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JT is Head Chef at Troop

JT is Head Chef at Troop

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This week we're joined by JT (Jason Timothy) for a conversation about love for food, the importance of the dinner table, and cultivating creativity in the kitchen. JT is co-owner and head chef at Troop - an elevated street casual restaurant that has its roots in street food from around the world.

Topics include food as a shared experience, the old and new school kitchen environment, learning through failure, and empowering your staff to take risks.

Show Notes

  • The dinner table as a symbol of family and bonding
  • Learning to let people help you
  • The most important culinary lesson: don't cut your fingers off
  • Cultivating creativity in the kitchen
  • Babka: the friendlier swear word
  • You're going to fail, so you might as well do it and learn from it
  • Ups and downs of the Yelp mentality
  • Being community oriented
  • And for real though, go get brunch there and order The Pinnacle. It's really damn good.


Big thanks to NGHTSWM for the use of their song, Fiji, on this show.

Elyse Farnsworth is a Hairdresser at Arrow Salon

Elyse Farnsworth is a Hairdresser at Arrow Salon