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ycdi•di is about people whose lives were transformed by trying something new.

Nadia Eisa is a Visual Merchandising Manager at Anthropologie

Nadia Eisa is a Visual Merchandising Manager at Anthropologie

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This week we’re joined by Nadia, a Visual Merchandising Manager for Anthropologie, as well as co-founder of MDLTN: pieces made to be well-loved and worn often. A self-described aesthete, Nadia has a special skill to see how things can be made more beautiful, and then to make them more beautiful. The snowball effect of deciding to focus her attention on the little steps along the way has allowed her to make meaningful progress in her life, career, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Topics include skipping college to build a career in retail, how to admit that you’re good at something, finding meaningful work, and building a business on top of your core values.

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Show notes

  • Nadia became a Levi’s Store Manager at 19 years old
  • The importance of “necessity” as motivation to succeed
  • Some lessons in branding
  • MDLTN — a company Nadia is building around the idea that business don’t need to create disposable things to succeed. They can be beautiful and high quality.
  • The changing jewelry and manufacturing industries
  • What does a visual merchandising manager do?
  • Learning to see things in a different way when you’re used to seeing them one way
  • How to be involved in every aspect of a creative project
  • Helping important people dress themselves
  • Not everyone has to go freelance


Big thanks to NGHTSWM for the use of their song, Fiji, on this show.

Matt and Tony are Podcasters

Matt and Tony are Podcasters