Matt and Tony are Podcasters

This week we're joined by Matthew Ferrara and Tony Pacitti for a conversation about beauty and connection in art, the paradox of choice in media overwhelm, debunking preconceived notions, and deep dives into pop culture. Tony is a writer and improviser, Matt is a photographer and artist, and together they form What Did We Miss - a podcast about resolving pop culture blindspots, one episode at a time.

JT is Head Chef at Troop

This week we're joined by JT (Jason Timothy) for a conversation about love for food, the importance of the dinner table, and cultivating creativity in the kitchen. JT is co-owner and head chef at Troop - an elevated street casual restaurant that has its roots in street food from around the world.

Elyse Farnsworth is a Hairdresser at Arrow Salon

This week we're joined by Elyse Farnsworth for a conversation about self-worth, the value of family, and the artistry of hair styling. Elyse is owner and hair stylist at Arrow Salon - a team of highly educated, passionate stylists who love making you feel and look amazing.

Alexis Devine is running Devine City Cycle

This week we're joined by Alexis Devine for a conversation about community, internal motivation, and the positive impact of fitness. Alexis is a faculty member at the Brown University Warren Alpert Medical School, Workforce Development Coordinator at Lifespan, and is co-owner of Devine City Cycle - a spin studio on the west end of Providence that creates a fitness experience like no other.

Lori Kettelle is running PVDonuts

This week we're joined by Lori Kettelle - co-owner and head baker at PVDonuts - for an inside look at how Rhode Island’s donut mecca began, operates, and continues to grow. PVDonuts is an institution, and Lori is at the heart of what makes it so special.

Vilada Khammahavong is running Kow Kow

This week we're joined by Vilada Kamahang for a conversation about building a business by listening to your gut. Vilada is a pre-med student turned bubble waffle food truck founder, and Kow Kow is where she crafts food that makes you feel like family.

Jan Faust Dane is running Stock Culinary Goods

This week we're joined by Jan Faust Dane for a conversation about keeping things local, and the value of community. Jan has been a writer, marketer, a food forager and a director of culinary education. Now she spends all of her time (and more) running Stock Culinary Goods - an independent store dedicated to kitchen culture.

Jim Nellis is running RI Food Fights

This week we're joined by Jim Nellis - owner of RI Food Fights, a business that hosts a series of fun, friendly competitions between restaurants and food businesses showcasing their culinary goods to hundreds of local food lovers - for a conversation about reinventing yourself, embracing change, rediscovering self worth, and having fun with food.

Jenny Currier is a Writer

Jenny Currier - Motif food editor and writer, RI food tour embassador, blogger, author and world traveler - talks about taking leaps of faith, travel, finding joy in every day and the transformative experience of writing.

Pat Brown is running Rent Sons

Pat Brown, founder of Rent Sons — a company focused on young adults serving their neighbors for an affordable hourly rate — shares about the transformative power of community, running a startup, and being a good neighbor.

Chris Jehle is a Plastic Surgeon

Chris Jehle, a fourth year plastic surgery resident at Rhode Island Hospital, shares about creativity and risk within a "safe" profession, innovation in medicine, trendsetting with plastic surgery, and the silver lining of having lots of problems to solve.

Tino Chow is a Designer

Tino Chow, founder of Giant Shoulders — a design agency that delivers impact at the intersection of innovation and design — shares about design, brand, solving hard problems, and the importance of embracing failure.

Kate & Casey are Improv Entrepreneurs

Kate and Casey are veteran comedy improvisers, self-taught entrepreneurs, just plain wonderful people, and the owners of the Wage House — an improvisational comedy theater in Pawtucket, RI — where they showcase weekly comedy shows as well as teaching improv classes and workshops.