Pat Brown is running Rent Sons

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This week we're joined by Pat Brown, founder of Rent Sons - a company focused on young adults serving their neighbors for an affordable hourly rate - for a conversation about the transformative power of community, running a startup, and being a good neighbor.

Topics include living a full life, building community, combating depression with relationships, choosing the right path for your life, and what makes the Rent Sons model unique and compelling.

Show Notes

  • What does it mean to live a full life
  • The importance of community and relationships in happiness
  • How to start a surf club with only a table and a surf board
  • The role of the hunter and the farmer in your business
  • Living a missional life
  • How to start a 3D water hologram business as a senior in college


Big thanks to NGHTSWM for the use of their song, Fiji, on this show.