Lindsey Lerner is a persistent entrepreneur

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This week, we join Lindsey Lerner, founder of Level Exchange — a coworking and production space for like-minded individuals to work, grow, and create the business they desire — for a conversation about music, entrepreneurship, fine art, and the importance of persistence. We discuss her journey from college fine artist to music industry entrepreneur and everything that's happened in between.

Topics include music as a universal language, art as business, entrepreneurship, and how awesome Lindsey is at bringing to life what she sets her mind to.

Show Notes

  • Music as a transcendant, universal language
  • A re-imagining of the photography statement "going out shooting"
  • The fine line between persistence and annoyance
  • Business as art and art as business
  • What it means to be an entrepreneur
  • Finding your path through failure
  • Making RI a destination for touring artists
  • How to become bff's with Watsky


Big thanks to NGHTSWM for the use of their song, Fiji, on this show.