Jenny Currier is a Writer

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This week we're joined by Jenny Currier - Motif food editor and writer, RI food tour embassador, blogger, author and world traveler - for a conversation about taking leaps of faith, travel, finding joy in every day and the transformative experience of writing.

Topics include the writing process, the importance of experiencing new things, books that inspire, what makes a great writer, food journalism, and following your intuition cross-country into a new career.

Show Notes

  • The origin of Captain Currier
  • What it's like being a food writer
  • Publicly logging joyfulness every day for a year
  • The writing process
  • The community aspect of food
  • Jenny's thank you letter to the people who welcomed her in Greece


Big thanks to NGHTSWM for the use of their song, Fiji, on this show.