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Hi there.

ycdi•di is about people whose lives were transformed by trying something new.

Why make a podcast?

Why make a podcast?

Podcasts are an important part of our lives.

The first time I listened to a podcast, I was driving with two friends through a blizzard to see about a girl. Nothing resulted from that crush, but I began a life-long relationship with podcasts — starting with a Radiolab episode about cities. I've now heard thousands of episodes across dozens of shows.

My tastes have moved from highly-produced shows about science and technological discovery — typically reposted NPR broadcasts — to shows with lower production values that were more niche and never part of a radio broadcast, such as You Look Nice Today, Neutral, Accidental Tech Podcast, The Talk Show, Hypercritical, and The Adventure Zone. I still listen to many popular shows, but I’ve grown to enjoy the reward that comes from getting to know the passionate hosts of shows who share my interests.

Discovering that I could deeply enjoy something recorded over Skype with a basic microphone and a few friends was an epiphany: If someone else could do it and I could enjoy it, it meant that I could do it and someone else could enjoy it. From that point on, I carried the thought that it would be fun to do a podcast. That’s why when JP told me, “I’ve always wanted to try recording a podcast… I think it would be fun,” my response was, “Okay! I have a few microphones and a few other things we’ll probably need — come over next Monday.”

When we started Point by Point we knew we had no idea what we were doing but would eventually figure it out. It was, and still is, a wonderful proving ground for what it might be like to do a podcast for real. We learned how to record our first episodes, we started to follow the thread of a conversation without the fear of being boring, we uploaded our feed to the iTunes Podcast library, we figured out ways to improve our recording quality, we changed podcast hosts a few times along the way, and we developed the courage to tell people about the show.

We did it… kind of. While Point by Point always had a ceiling, we experienced building something and letting it loose without fear of failure. To quote our friend Jess, “It’s a casual conversation about life between two friends.” To move beyond that, we would have to try something new.

We had our first conversation about ycdi•di in late 2017 under the premise that it might be fun to have a guest talk about what they do; we certainly know a lot of interesting people. Earlier this year, we brainstormed who we already knew, figured out how much we’d need to invest, put a checklist together for the launch, and solidified our vision: You Can Do It, Do It (ycdi•di) is an environment for creative people to share how their lives were transformed by trying something new.

We’ve got a handful of shows scheduled and are incredibly proud of what’s released so far — and we’re posting shows every other week until we run out of people with something to say. (Doubtful.) We hope it ignites a creative spark in your own life, and that you’ll enjoy it as much as we do. If you listen to the show and have a story to share, please feel free to get in touch.

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